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Living in Peachtree City is like living with a resort in your backyard.  This is truly one of the most unique cities not in Georgia, but in the United States.  Peachtree City is one of the most relaxed, friendly atmospheres you will ever encounter.  Peachtree City is a town of only approximately 35,000 people, with three golf courses in very close proximity.  Beautiful streams, and moderate temperature make this one of the most serene places anywhere.

If you are looking for water entertainment, then you’ve found it here. Peachtree City has two 250 acre lakes both of which are close by, and once again, beautiful.

Peachtree City is also a nice place for tourism, and companies and to have retreats or conferences.  Peachtree City is home to two different conference centers, and a small airport.  The airport, Falcon Field, does a very entertaining airshow every year.

There is also a nice ampitheater for amusing outdoor entertainment.  Peachtree City makes sure that the residents here are well taken care of.  And it shows in the moral of the people here.  There is also a library, and several public pools.  If that isn’t enough, then perhaps the tennis center or one of sixteen baseball fields should be about enough.

Peachtree City Real Estate

Come check out the real estate in Peachtree City, and see if this is your dream town. Feel free to look at homes, and meet the locals. Then become a local yourself.

With so many unique things about Peachtree City, GA it’s no wonder that this place has been frequently mentioned as “one of the top 10 places to live in America” by CNN’s money magazine. Peachtree City is a smaller city that has very recently been established, infact it was only in the 1970′s that the city even got a ZIP code (which is 30269 if you were wondering).

Peachtree City is located a short 45-minute drive from downtown Atlanta. The people living in the city enjoy the warmth and intimacy of small-town living with the convenience of a major metropolis just to the North.

Peachtree City, is a somewhat smaller town, with approximately 40,000 people. The people here are also incredibly friendly. One thing that you won’t be to surprised to see is people the age of 12 driving golf carts in Peachtree City. Of course, they have to be accompanied by an adult. The beautiful city of Peachtree City contains five villages that are connected not only by standard roads but also by 90 miles of wooded golf-cart paths. Children drive carts to school, families to either of two 250-acre lakes, and yes, golfers to any of the three courses in town. Infact, Peachtree City is home to more golf carts than any other city in America, numbering at 9,000.

Quick Facts About Peachtree City Housing

  • Median price for houses which are currently vacant is: $195,000
  • Median Rent in Peachtree city is: $891
  • Houses with a mortgage vs houses without: 7,540 to 945
  • Median household income is roughly: $100,000
  • Median monthly housing cost: $1,500
  • Because of the large amount of golf carts, they even have police who operate in golf carts, certain businesses give golf cart parking, and children are encouraged to drive to school in the carts because it helps with parking. This is one truly unique thing about Peachtree City.

    Peachtree City is also home to a marvelous airshow every year at Falcon Field. Peachtree City is home to several high-tech industries, including Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America (PASA) which is the largest employer in the city, and creates car audio systems for Honda, GM, and others. Other companies include TDK Corporation, Avery Dennison, and NCR Corporation.

    Peachtree City is a wonderful place to live, there’s obviously no reason to take just our word for it. Starting looking for homes in Peachtree City GA today.